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Requesting Original (non-"v" version) Xperia Z5



There are many discussions posted about this already, but I'm going to add another because for some reason verizon has a hard time hearing its customers. Many of us, your customers that keep you in business, would like the original, unaltered, Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact (and all future Xperia devices) in your lineup of smartphones. Sony is finally offering better alternatives to Samsung and Apple with their Xperia devices, but verizon seems to have this elitist attitude and decides it will tell its customers what they want. Now before a company representative responds with the canned "verizon strives to have a diverse lineup of devices blah blah", just don't. You're not saying "verizon strives to provide its customers with the diverse lineup of devices they WANT".

Forget about the Z4v. Don't even start with a Z5v. I understand the original Z5's internal network hardware may need to be altered to work on verizon's network, but that's all that needs to be changed. Nobody wants a chopped up, dulled version of Sony's cutting edge devices. And don't make Sony release a "special" verizon version just so they have the "privilege" of being in your lineup. Stop being elitist and give us what we want, or lose our business to other companies who have the phones we desire.

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Re: Requesting Original (non-"v" version) Xperia Z5

I agree. Verizon, stop being [removed]

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