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Problems with Droid 3 slide out keyboard space bar?


Is anyone else having problems with the space bar on the Droid 3 slide out keyboard? Will probably end up going back to Verizon because texting with this problem is driving me crazy. I've had the phone since Aug 2011 and the only problem I've had is with the camera locking the phone up so I have to take out the battery to reset. Just recently the battery doesn't last long but these are things I can deal with. The space bar on the slide out keyboard will not space unless I hit it several times and then sometimes instead of spacing, it puts a period then capitalizes the next letter. I don't really look at the keyboard when I typing so when I think I'm done and look at it, it's just a bunch of letters all crammed together and I have to go back and space between every word. This takes forever. Do you know if there is a fix for this? 

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Re: Problems with Droid 3 slide out keyboard space bar?


Unfortunately, I don't have a solution, other than you may need to slow down.  But, one feature of the keyboard is probably to add the period and start a new sentence automatically when double-tapping the space bar.  If you hit it repeatedly, it may be registering two of those, adding in the (assumed) appropriate punctuation.