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Need some help understanding minutes guys (good daddy, not so good with phones (-;/

Hola Gang,

I hope it's not too much of an imposition asking total Noob questions but could someone please tell me how minutes work? We have 2 phones with the 1400 min plan, we want to switch to 700 as we've never gone over 700, ever. My question is what constitues minutes used? A full 90% of my calls are to each others line so I can't figure how I'm using 400 min, my wife 40 min.(I call her way more than she does me if that helps) She is on my list of "Friend/Family" but I'm wondering if nights and weekends or peak hours are counted against you even though they're on your F & F list? I really did look it up first before asking, but it's all Greek to me. I rarely call anyone else. Thanks so much

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Re: Need some help understanding minutes guys (good daddy, not so good with phones (-;/

Well just a recommendation, I have three lines on my account and the 700 minute plan. I was calling a lot of landlines and was coming VERY close to my minutes each month. I called Verizon and asked if there was any other option rather than upping the minutes in my plan. The lady that I spoke with was very nice and added the Friends & Family feature to my account so I can call 5 lines for free. Now, I don't know if that option is still available, but it is worth a try to call and speak to someone. Remember to be nice to the CSR's!

Re: Need some help understanding minutes guys (good daddy, not so good with phones (-;/
Sr. Member

Yes, Friends and Family is still available, but only for certain plans and number of minutes. As for non-peak hour, from 9 p.m. your local time to 6 a.m. Monday thru Friday are free minutes, Then from 9 p.m. Friday, again, your time, to 6 a.m.Monday is your week-end non-peak (free) hours. Holidays do not constitute non-peak hours, so if you call someone on, say Christmas during the day, it costs. Minutes are rounded up, so 1 second constitutes one minute, so doesnt 59 seconds. So a call lasting 12 minutes and 3 seconds equals 13 minutes. Some plans have Verizon to Verizon free calls. Finally, on family plans, let us say you have 3 phones. Phone 1 calls for 132 minutes; phone 2 for 83 minutes and phone 3 for 269 minutes. Since these are shared minutes, the total amount of minutes used for this one family plan is 484 minutes. Oh, I should mention that one single phone pays for BOTH incoming calls AND outgoing calls, Is it possible, but I don't see how, that your wife is on your friend/family free plan, but you are not on your wife's friend/family free plan? If this is the case, your wife is paying for your incoming calls when you call her, and for her outgoing calls when she calls you. Hope this helps a little.   

Re: Need some help understanding minutes guys (good daddy, not so good with phones (-;/
Asistencia al cliente

Hello wyattspapa! Good questions!! The plan you describe sounds a lot like the Verizon Wireless Nationwide Share 1400. If that's the case, it includes an allowance of up to 10 Friends & Family numbers. The slots for these numbers should be reserved for non-Verizon Wireless numbers only. I wanted to stress that, because you mentioned that your wife's number was included in that list. I'm assuming that you have added a contact number for her that is not Verizon Wireless. If she is using a line on your account, and that is one of the lines you've added, please change that so that you can receive the full benefits of your calling plan. The plan  you have includes unlimited Verizon Wireless to Verizon Wireless calling, so you need not add any Verizon Wireless numbers to your Friends & Family list. You also mentioned Nights and Weekends. Your plan also includes unlimited Nights and Weekends, so you can enjoy calls with non-Verizon Wireless numbers (even those that aren't on your Friends & Family list).

As for determining what your minutes are going towards (I see that you’re using about 400 minutes), I recommend reviewing your detailed statements at www.verizonwireless.com. You can review the details, see who you’re calling, and how those calls are affecting your allowance each month. If you need a little help reading your statements, just let me know. ¡Gracias!

Dion M.
VZW Support
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