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LG k8, pay monthly, Verizon Apps will not work-voicemail


Pay monthly, the $45 plan, unlimited text and calls, 2gigs wifi. There are 4 different Verizon apps on my phone that the store tells me will not work on my phone because I am a prepaid customer. The apps are; Voicemail, caller name id, cloud, mobile hotspot, slacker radio, support & protection, vz navigator. The one I care the most about is Voice Mail. I'm told in the store they do not work because I am not a full 2 year plan customer. Those app are free to only those customers not the prepaid, but I pay the same amount a month as them? Why are they on the phone I just paid $250.00 for then? Why when I asked if that feature worked with the phone was I told yes? I would so switch if they weren't the only service that was available in my area. Frustrated!! Is there an app that I can receive visual voice mail?

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Re: LG k8, pay monthly, Verizon Apps will not work-voicemail


Google Voice or Youmail.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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