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Kill Notification for Visual Voicemail Setup


The most annoying thing Verizon has done lately is put this damn Visual Voicemail notification on my Android phone.  I've had the phone since December 2014, and I still cannot disable that notification. 

Receive a new voicemail ... the notification appears.

Call in to retrieve an old voicemail ... the notification appears.

PLEASE Verizon ... fix the Visual Voicemail app so that it can be disabled once and for all.  It should not harass us after the first day of ownership. 

It is stuff like this that can ultimately make me want to leave Verizon.

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Re: Kill Notification for Visual Voicemail Setup

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To Disable Visual Voice Mail



Sign in to your My Verizon online account. On left side of page find the drop down menu.


Click to open menu, then go to change features and locate Basic Visual Voice mail.


Locate the button Basic Visual Voice Mail and click the Red Remove Box.


Scroll down until you see the listing: Basic Voice Mail, Visual Voice Mail etc. and click          the Red Add box by Basic Voice Mail to add on this service.


When you're done making changes click next at the bottom of the screen and then ok.


Go into your device and set up your required Basic voice mail program. You may continue to receive error “new voice mail message for a period of time”.