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Is this the start... Verizon is blocking Google Wallet which is very nice, and you probably don't know they are creating their own Verizon Wallet


I have been with this company for over 10 years and frankly I always overlooked one thing wasn't to keen on and that was some of the services Verizon offered on their website which many of the account related services they have as apps so you can view from your phone are good and useful.  I have been an Android user since the first Moto Droid to the Incredible and Inc2, then I though I was gonna go iphone, until I was able to use one for a month.  Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad it was my brothers 4G on another network when he upgraded to the 4GS.  Anyway no real problems other than Android just has more to offer so I went with the Nexus Galaxy and stayed with Verizon, after I was flipping a coin to go to Sprint.  Anyway the reason I am leaving Verizon is due to their attempt to create apps to try to compete with googles apps and Verizon charges...  you can find most for free from the droid market(which is the Play store now) such as Navigation.  The free Google Nav is awesome, I also have google voice(free)  so I get text messages emailed to me and vmails emailed and texted to me as well as being able to listen straight from phone by pushing play by the missed call.  Verizon continutes to create these apps that also cost money and aren't near as good.  I actually feel bad for the people who think the VZ nav is in fact the google nav.  Now they are blocking a new service of Google's called Google Wallet.  It's free and really cool, but Verizon blocks you from installing it or using it and Verizon is spending over a 100,000,000 dollars to create their own Wallet APP  that i'm sure won't be free.  So it's not that one app as to why I am leaving, its a number of things that as an experienced user and add the fact that  I work in the tech industry, in sales that I Verizon taking advantage of customers, and I don't work that way or like it.   Okay you go buy a verizon phone, it will have the VZ Nav right there on the home screen, however there will be no google Nav, and for newbies they usually think this is the navigation everyone talks about.  You have to go download the Google Maps which is a turn by turn navigation always up to date and is awesome.  I watch my kid driving down the road at all times for free.   My point is now that their blocking Google Wallet because they are creating there own wallet, which won't be as good, and probably cost money to even spend money meaning they will charge for it.  What is the next brilliant thing that Google comes out with  that you can intergrate into your Google services.    So what is the point of trying to compete with Google on apps, I mean the Verizon wallet?  Why it makes no sense.  Why block an app thus not giving you the luxery.  They have their reasons of course such as security, and other reasons that it could cause problems but, hey if you dare to spend the outrageous amount of money to activate your hostspot to connect your computer wirelessly in a park.  75% of the people who do this are going to be on an unsecured network that anyone can connect to even with security turned on.  So they say there worried about security on the wallet app, because someone may cold get access to your small amount that most people keep on the google wallet but the wireless hotspot is putting much more that money out there. it's putting personal things and files on your computer out there.  I just dont' get why they can't provide their songs and ring tones and apps that allow you to see you data usage and leave the apps for the Google market.  For you who don't know please download google maps and you will have an awesome navivation.  Also google talk, voice, chat, and there apps on the google market for free such as a punch clock for time.  I saw one for over $14 on the verison app store.  So stick to what you are good at ,and don't block apps that other companies aren't blocking including at&T now, and they were in on the $100,000,000 to create this app along with Tmoblie and Verizon.  I use an android because of the capapbilites that google gives you, and the apps that they offer for free or no money.  Go look in the Verizon apps and see how much you will pay.  Most that cost money come preinstalled on your phone so all you have to do is use it and you start getting charged.  This is a 3 year decision making.  I don't like that people can easily get charged for services without even knowing just because the app was installed and they used it once.  Just stay with what your good at and let the android users rightly use the google apps.  After all Google Saved your business if you really want to think about it.  If you didn't have the android OS, how many sales would you be getting?  Where would your company be.  This app was developed by Google which means it ties into everything else such as making online payments with the google card.  Blocking APPS developed by the developer of the Operating System that single handedly changed  the game, and has Made  you as a company far better off than you would have ever been had they not developed android.  Not a good Idea.  Bite the hand that feeds you.

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