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Insignia Tab 8 (Kitkat) drops 4G/cell constantly


I have an Insignia Tab 8 running Kitkat 4.  Over the last month it has started randomly dropping the 4G/cell reception without warning. Sometimes it comes back after  few minutes, sometimes it's gone for 1/2 hour. And when it comes back it sometimes stays put for hours, and sometimes it disappears again after a few minutes.

I know the problem isn't the actual signal, because my phone always has 4G with 4 bars when this happens.  And yes, I've reset the tablet and no change.

So, Verizon issue? Hardware? Android? A combination of any/ all of them?

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Re: Insignia Tab 8 (Kitkat) drops 4G/cell constantly


It could be an issue with the SIM card it's self, especially if your phone can be right next to it and function just fine.

You could try powering down, removing the SIM for a minute, reinstalling and see if that helps. If you're certain it's not an area issue you could also get a free SIM card replacement from a Verizon Corporate store.