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IM for Droid and changing google password



I just purchased a droid. My last phone was a blackberry storm so i could use bbm to im my husband overseas at no charge. Does the droid have something similiar and would it be google talk? Is it free to use internationally? Also, when the tech set up my google account today he put in my email address incorrectly. I can't find how to correct the email address so i created a new account but my contacts are under the incorrect email. Do i need to take the phone back to the store to be corrected?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: IM for Droid and changing google password


I, too, migrated from a Blackberry Storm to a Droid. Yes, Google Talk is the closest I've found to BBM. As it is running over the data connection, and is not using text messaging, it's "free" to anywhere. One of the things I like about it over BBM is that it runs on almost any smart phone (including Blackberrys) and you can move between the phone and a computer. I can start conversations on the phone while I'm out and then, when I get home, continue the same conversation on my computer with it's larger keyboard.

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