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ICS and 3rd party launchers

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If you use a third party launcher, such as Launcher Pro or GO Launcher and download ICS, you will be losing a lot of stuff from ICS. For example, with ICS, if you tap on the Apps button, you can see all your apps and all your widgets. With a third party launcher, you lose this and can see only your apps. There are several other features in ICS that you lose when using a third party launcher. However, the Droid Razr Maxx has only five screens. Using a launcher, such as the GO Launcher, you can get many more screens. If you like large widgets, these extra screens come in handy. The choice is between ICS candy or 3rd Party launcher candy.

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Re: ICS and 3rd party launchers


There is also a third party ICS launcher (Nova?) that should provide full ICS functionality along with other features.  But I haven't used it personally.