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Droid Razr M: KitKat update problems


Hi there, I have a few questions/problems with my Droid Razr M since the KitKat update was pushed to my device a few days ago.

1. I was on vacation in Europe (Austria/Hungary/Croatia) when the update was delivered to my device. I think the download happened in Austria or Hungary. Now I appear to have a non-US version of the update on my phone.  For example, Airplane Mode is called "Aeroplane Mode", and so on.  Do I have the correct version of the update?  I'd like the version applicable to US phones.  Can I re-download it somehow, now that I'm back in the US, and correct this?

2. Bluetooth no longer pairs with my BMW X1.  My phone does not even see the car in available devices.

3. WiFi does not work with Bluetooth enabled. My phone will recognize my home/work networks, but will only say "saved", and not connect. I am reading that this seems to be a known issue.  I use Bluetooth for my Fitbit and my car (referenced above).  I cannot just go to 5G because my work WiFi does not have a 5G option (my home network does have the 5G option).  I also would like to be able to use WiFi in public places like I did before the update.

Please let me know how to address these three issues.  Thanks!

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Re: Droid Razr M: KitKat update problems


I just got an upgraded Android OS for my Droid Razr phone and it is a complete and total (removed)!!!!!!

The new OS is a power drain!!!   My phone went from 65% to 14% charge in less than 3 hours with no activity at all on my part!!!!!

The new black and white messenger is a serious downgrade from what we had before!  I'm not sure who you had as develops but get some new ones that don't have a serious case of rectal-cranial-invertitis!!!!!!

Good heavens!!!!  I will go back to AT&T if you don't do better than this, and I HATE AT&T!!!!

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Re: Droid Razr M: KitKat update problems


AGREE!!!! What a HORRIBLE upgrade! Screen moves on own and WORST change in texting color-bought this stupid phone because texting wasn't on white background (have vertigo and visual issues, so tried out all smartphones before purchase). You not only RUINED my phone, your messing with my health now!  THANKS FOR NOTHING!!

Re: Droid Razr M: KitKat update problems


I agree this update is a total downgrade..  What good is a clock that shuts off if you don't click an extra button or after you shut off the alarm.  They took a simple and excellent easy to use program and made a complete piece of crap out of it. 

Re: Droid Razr M: KitKat update problems


This upgrade SUCKS!!!!!

  1. New messaging screen is horrible.
  2. Power drain.
  3. Buttons move, my wife can't find the PHONE button to make a call. What the heck! this is a cell phone, you use it to make calls.

Verizon needs to make a fix....and NOW!!!!

Re: Droid Razr M: KitKat update problems


I must agree with everyone.  I too am having similar issues with my Razr M.  Most annoying:

1.  Battery power drain

2.  Test messages app isn't updating properly and the visibility is horrible.

3.  Bluetooth doesn't automatically connect when I get in my car.  I have to physically push the button to connect.  Plus the coloring of the connected bluetooth stays white, not blue where it visibly shows you that a connection is good.

4.  The overall phone is slower now.

5.  The vibrate options don't work very well when trying to select a vibration mode.

Verizon, please correct these issues as quickly as possible.  The update is a huge downgrade from what I have before.  I'd honestly prefer to just stay with the previous version at this point.

Re: Droid Razr M: KitKat update problems


We are having some of the same issues with our Droid Razr M phones since the 4.4.2 update.

Battery power life shorten

Phone is sending text messages we did not send.

Bluetooth does not automatically connect in cars and have to physically push the button to connect.

Is it the com.qualcomm.q.. app running on the phone now without the android icon?

Please give us a fix to this recent update to our Razr M phones.

Muchas gracias. 

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Re: Droid Razr M: KitKat update problems


Having wifi problems as well.  Just chatted with a verizon rep and still not working.  Wish there was a way to get rid of this update!

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Re: Droid Razr M: KitKat update problems

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I had some hiccups when I got the upgrade to my LG G2. I know others have had problems with their KK updates, on Samsungs and even HTC.

I believe the KK upgrade, while in the ideal should leave the phone running perfectly under the new operating system will potentially fail because of the variation in how people use their devices and what they've downloaded, and the fact that some memory isn't initialized properly when the new OS loads onto the device. This is true regardless of phone manufacturer, OS upgrade, and even carrier. I think this is a reality with Android.

I think the only option is to perform what is called a "Factory Data Reset". But first you should backup any important photos, music, or videos, or other downloaded files. You should also jot down where you've placed icons, and even the settings for things like mail (incoming and outgoing server).

After an FDR, you'll have to do some work to get your device back running to a state you are comfortable and familiar with. In my experience, doing maybe 10updates over the years on 4 Android phones, about 40% of the time I didn't need to do an FDR. 60% of the time I did.

It is also possible there are some bugs in the new software load, but a good many of these odd behaviors, across a range of devices (LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC) occur because people did not perform an FDR following the update.


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Re: Droid Razr M: KitKat update problems


This update drains my battery like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! My van broke down 3 days after getting update and me being pregnant had to walk over 2 miles with my kids (oldest is 6, youngest can't even walk yet) in the dark to get to a freaking phone cuz my battery can't last more than a few hours with this update. I had already recharged my phone 2x that day and I wasn't even using my stupid phone when it died btw. My phone used to last all day with no problem! Why even have a cell phone if I can't use it????? I can't wait for my contract with verizon to be over... Might even be worth cancellation fee.

Problems with update

1. Battery life is insanely short now

2. Alarm notifications 2 hours b4 alarm goes off (if I wanted the alarm 2 hrs earlier then I would have set the alarm for 2 hours earlier...........)

3. Holy flipping data usage (even after force closing every app)

4. Group messages won't send

Wish I could go back.