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Customer complaint


Absolutely the worst company I have to deal with. When I switched to Verizon they straight up lied to my face. First off the guy told me they had a $60 monthly plan no contract that he could put me on, as I was switching he noticed my phone was pretty beat. He told me that he could do a one for one swap without any charge to me. He f***ing lied to me. He put me on a $75 monthly plan and just sneaked the cost of my phone into that. My last bill was $160 and the phone that he told me he wouldn't charge me for is going to cost me nearly $500 dollars. On top of that he told me there should be a $100 credit on my account to go towards my payments and it would charge that automatically, instead I was hit with an overdue charge because nothing was being charged as that credit didn't even kick in yet and he failed to mention it could take up to 3 months to activate. Lastly, when he said my data would stop once I hit the end so I wouldn't be overcharged, he also lied. That's an extra $5 charge you have to get so you don't go over your data plan, and he didn't put me on it. I'm done with this crap.

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