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City ID APK ???


Hi everyone I have the S3 and I have been looking for the app called City ID for a long time I had it on my samsung charge but not on the new S3 I know most dont like City ID but in my line of work it helps my out a lot I now in Google Play they have apps called City&State i just dont care for them they or way off from sate to sate so dose someone know where/how  I can get City ID apk files i wish i stilll had the old charge i may could have took the out !!! Thanks for taking the time to look at this post   (I have tried ones like this <Link removed per the .> but can get nothing to work )    Kevin City_ID_large.jpg

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Re: City ID APK ???

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Hola KevinS3,

Congratulations on your new device! I understand how important City ID is however this application is no longer being offered on newer devices. I would suggest to check out other third party applications in the Play Store that are similar to the City ID. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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