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Bluetooth headset won't fully connect with Droid Incredible


as the title says... i just recieved a HBS-700 bluetooth headset from LG. the headset pairs and connects with the phone. if i hit play on the phone the music comes through my head phones but i can't use the controls on the head set to change volume, pause, or skip tracks. this is very frustrating. i have checked that the head set works flawlessly with other devices. so it is not the headset. it is the connection with the incredible. any advice is appreciated.



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Re: Bluetooth headset won't fully connect with Droid Incredible


Sounds like there is a problem with the AVCTP Bluetooth on the Incredible.  It maybe did not get captured properly when you paired it.  Try un-paring the device in the phone.  Then pair it again.  After you pair it, wait a few seconds before using it to ensure all the protocols were properly discovered.


Re: Bluetooth headset won't fully connect with Droid Incredible

Verizon Employee

Hola Zonker,

I use my Bluetooth device most of the day and I can see how frustrating it must be not being able to take full advantage of all features. As jroal indicated (Thank you!) unpairing the devices and pairing again may resolve issue. I would also suggest powering off the phone for a few seconds after unparing and then power on and pair again to ensure all setting are reset.

Keep in mind that while most Bluetooth devices will pair with each other as they share the same technology, some feature may not be fully compatible. This is more common when paring devices from different manufacturers.


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