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Block ALL text messaging on flip phone?


I had 3G flip phone and had to upgrade. I bought a google pixel 3 and Verizon tech support blocked text messaging for me. I then decided I didn't like the phone (I'm old school) so I bought a kyocera duraxv flip phone and put my sim card from the google pixel into the flip phone. The text was still blocked and all was good. A week later I added a line for a family member and changed my plan to unlimited talk and text. Now I have texting on my flip phone which I do not want. I have talked to different techs from verizon tech support 3 times and they all tell me they can't block the text messaging on the flip phone. Is this true? Is there any way I can block text messaging on the kyocera duraxv flip phone? It was blocked before I changed my plan and added a line. I don't understand why it can't be blocked again.