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USB551L Modem won't connect to D-Link MR3420


Good day.

The USB551L 3g/4g modem set up smoothly with Win10 running VZAccess Manager.  When I put the modem into D-Link Router and completed setup, the router recognized the Verizon 4G, but would not connect.  While plugged in the router, the modem indicator shines a lovely blue solid light (4G ready to be connected) but no joy.

Updated firmware on both modem and router Dial number is default set to *99#***3 and APN is VZWINTERNET.  Tried hard rebooting the router several times.

Any ideas??

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Re: USB551L Modem won't connect to D-Link MR3420

Sr. Member

551L Manual:


The number is *99***3#

Leave APN blank

This applies: http://www.tp-link.com/en/support/3g-comp-list/?model=tl-mr3420&location=1163

TP-Link has already configured the router to use it. Try leaving both the phone and the APN blank. 

The router should have a log file, be sure it's on so it can record the attempt to use the modem. Log files help resolve problems.