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Samsung Galaxy Watch can't send text messages


I got a Samsung galaxy watch about 6 weeks ago. Everything was great until about a week ago. Suddenly I cant send text messages.  I can receive,  I can call, I can get calls, all is fine except that I cant send text. It's not in airplane mode. Its connected via bluetooth to my Samsung galaxy s8. I did a restart. I did a factory reset. I unpaired and paired it back. Please help! Why can't I send a text???

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Watch can't send text messages

Community Manager
Community Manager

As a customer myself who constantly uses my text messages, I realize how important it is to be able to send them to friends and family. I would love to help figure this out. I do appreciate all that you have done so far. Are you able to send text messages on your phone? Are you able to receive a text message? Is anyone else having this issue? Please tell me more. 


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