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Gizmo watch sound super quiet now


My daughter was using her gizmo watch and it started getting really hot so she got off her phone call and took her watch off and set it next to the bathroom sink. The water ended up splashing onto it but we didn't think much of it since the watch is advertised as waterproof but now the sound is very muted. We can hear it but only if we hold the watch right up to our ear. I have tried resetting the watch, deleting and reinstalling the app and the watch is completely turned up on volume and the sound is coming out Very quiet. So apparently we can't trust that it is waterproof? I have additional coverage on the watch but I'm super bugged that the watch would need fixed or replaced for a tiny amount of water when it is advertised as waterproof. 


Re: Gizmo watch sound super quiet now

Asistencia al cliente

adeleaston, we are sorry to see that your daughters GizmoWatch has a low volume. The GizmoWatch is water-resistant to splashes. Please review more details here Have you attempted a Factory Data Reset in efforts to resolve the Volume concern?