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Number Share Not working when Host phone is off????


Just got the galaxy watch and have everything set up for number share. I can make make phone calls and send text messages when the Host phone is on, and they show up as the Host phone #. But when Host phone is powered OFF, phone calls show as host number, BUT text messages show as watches phone number. NOW, when we first set up this device and turned the phone off, both phone and text were showing as host phone #. Watch since then stopped sending via numbershare and we reset everything and now have this problem??? Anybody else encounter this issue or have a fix???

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Re: Number Share Not working when Host phone is off????

Empleado de Verizon

Snowdubs, I know it's vital your Galaxy Watch is fully synced to your smartphone and that everything works by design when your phone is powered off. I do appreciate all your attempts to troubleshoot and correct the problem. I want to help ensure you can receive your phone text messages on your Galaxy Watch going forward. To better assist, what is the make and model of your phone? What Galaxy Watch model did you purchase exactly?

Please also reference the link attached under "Set up and Sharing" Question #5 to ensure you're not using any incompatible features on your smartphone. I look forward to hearing from you soon. ¡Gracias! NumberShare FAQs | Verizon Wireless


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