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Fastest phone charger & cable?


How can I go about getting the fastest phone charge from the wall and my car's USB port (peferably a dual-port charger)?

Phone in question is a Samsung Galaxy S6.

My phone came with an Adaptive Fast Charge adapter + cable, which are meant to work in conjunction with each other. The output is listed as "9.0V = 1.67A, 5.0V = 2.0A". I can't comprehend these measurements, but I do know it's a very fast charge.

What about individual branded chargers and cables? I've noticed the fastest chargers listed as 2.4A and 2.1A. My questions are:

1) Are there any specific brand names you'd recommend, besides those at the Verizon store?

2) Do cables affect charge speed? (Some cable packages list Amps on the box.)

I would like to gain clarity on what denotes a "quick/rapid charge" and how fast that can be.

Opinions and suggestions are much appreciated. ¡Gracias!

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