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Unlimited Plan's 4G LTE Speed Issues


Hi, I recently switched to Verizon and I am getting awful speeds on quoted "4G LTE" near my house. I would call myself somewhat technically competent, I used to be on AT&T and I had tested speeds well into the double digits Mbps in my house on my Note 8. Now I have the Note 10+ 5G and I get about 3/3 at best, and it often struggles to break 1, even for down. Internet pages take a long time to load as well. I have the Do More unlimited plan, and I have not used close to 50GB premium data. I have used about 15, 13 of which are speed test, mostly 5G testing (which is amazing I have peaked over 1,400 Mbps down and tested 1,399 down 30 up). I do not believe this is congestion as I never get good speeds here, my zip code is 80305.

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