Community Rewards

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    Make the most out of your time with these Community rewards!




    Recompensas allow you to take your community experience to the next level.  Earn points and badges as you climb our leaderboards and let other members see what you bring to the community. Click on one of the topics below to jump down to that section:












    Me in Three




    The more you use the community, the more points you will earn.  You will move up the leaderboards and add to your total by responding to discussions, liking relevant and compelling content and having your answers marked “correct” by a fellow community member.   Finishing missions will also earn points. Repeatable missions, which don’t provide you with a badge, can be completed over and over again to keep those points coming!



    Viewing your Rewards Status:

    On your profile screen, click the puntos section


    viewing your rewards1.jpg


    Use the navigation on the left side of the page to see your recent activity, missions that you have completed or are working on, spaces on the community where you have contributed and your leaderboards standing.



    The Activity tab allows you to see badges you have earned and missions you have completed, as well as your activity in the community like replying to threads and marking answers correct.




    Under the Missions tab, you can view your progress towards earning badges and view repeatable missions, which can be accomplished over and over to earn points.





    The Places tab allows you to see where you have posted and interacted within the community.  You can also see how many points you have earned in any topic or sub-topic.






    The Ranking tab shows how many points you have earned and your position on the community leaderboards.




    Completing missions will allow you to earn badges that can be displayed on your profile.  These badges show off your skills to other community members.  Earn our “Personalizer” badge by completing all the fields in your current profile, become a “Helper” by having one of your answers marked correct or follow 10 others for the “Follower” badge.   All badges are associated with points.


    badges 2.png


    Be sure to check back as we introduce new missions and badges.




    Me in Three:

    Show other members which badges best describe you with the “Me in Three Feature.”  You can access this feature in the Rewards section of your profile.  Simply scroll over the section where your badges are displayed and drag and drop the ones you want to include.

    me in three.png



    Achieve new status levels as you earn points and climb the community leaderboards.  Your status level allows members to see how active you have been. 


    Here are the current Status Levels: