• Brand New Community Coming February 19, 2019

      Hello Verizon Community,   We are excited to announce that after a year of hard work on behalf of the Verizon Community Team we are finally launching the new Community tomorrow afternoon (2/19/19). Tonig...
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  • Why do we need a new Community?

    Gee, VZW has announced the first phase of a new Community that is coming tomorrow.  Is this another classic case of fixing something that isn't broken?  I think so.
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  • No phone

    Last year, my husband got a new Google Pixel phone. He was 70 years old and very ill at the time (his son helped him). Verizon charged him over $600.00 for the phone. My husband died on December 3, 2018. On December 1...
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  • BOGO scam

    After 3 months of calling Verizon to verify that my promotion that I had through Amazon Prime (1/2 off new line and BOGO for LG G7) I was told today that I was denied the BOGO offer. I talked with 5 different agents t...
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  • EBill issues

    I have been trying for months to get E Bills from Verizon delivered to my Capital One 360 account but tI keep getting the message We're sorry, we're unable to add the following eBillVerizon Wireless  *0001Your ac...
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  • I wish to file a formal complaint

    Verizon is not honoring their commitments when I am told by agents and supervisors that a credit would be issued and 2 months later I am being told it would not be honored by another person when I call to find out abo...
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  • How do I file a complaint to upper management?

    I am trying to find out how to file a complaint to someone that can finally fix my billing issue. I purchased four (4) Note 8 cellphones in December (two new lines) and had an agreement that two of the phones will be ...
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  • Customer Service complaint

    I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for some 20 years.  I have always gotten new phones every couple of years, paid my bills on time, never had any major issues or complaints until now.  I am looking to ...
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  • Complaint against Verizon Customer Service

    Good Evening, I do not know if this is the proper place to address this issue, but my complaint is against Customer Service, so I cannot possibly call them back.   I had a harrowing experience with a Verizon Ca...
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    Can someone please provide an e-mail for a Manager that can listen and actually solve an issue? I have called the Call Center and spoken to several Supervisors they all promise to follow up but never do.  I have...
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  • Is there an email to write a formal complaint or can that only be mailed?

    Looking to write a formal complaint, would prefer to email it if possible.
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  • How can I file a complaint

    I’m in Tustin California,They give me two useless devices for “free” 3 months ago,since then I been charged for those devices every month,when I realized they had tricked me and wanna give the device...
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  • Complaint:  How do I contact your corporate offices

    How do I communicate with your corporate office?  I have a $750 bill for a single line with no equipment charges. $500 of my bill is a for a single call that I didn't make. I called customer care and no one can h...
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  • I want to file a Complaint with Corprate

    What is the Corprate number I done with this and the moderators this is issue has not been resolved.
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  • How do I send an email complaint - the Supervisor I was talking to hung up on me

    After being on the phone for an hour, the supervisor I was talking to broke our connection.  I don't think it was on purpose - but I KNOW you guys have my phone number.  I am not calling back to be put on ho...
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  • Formal Complaint

    How do I submit a formal complaint within Verizon? I am a new customer, bought 5 phones, and moved over 5 lines frpm ATT. My bill is a total train wreck and customer service can't fix anything.
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  • formal complaint

    Dear Verizon It is worrying you have no formal complaint process in writing.  You can only send a letter by post ironically coming from the biggest telecoms company.  I will therefore write my complaint her...
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  • filing a complaint

    12/4/18 To whom it may concern: This letter is in regards to order [removed] that was placed on November 23, 2018.  The order was placed with representative named Kenya and I was told that the payment would not...
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  • Queja

    First of all, it's absolutely ridiculous you have to sign up separately from your Verizon account to even find the correct venue to complain. You should not have to sign up for a separate forum to tell a business when...
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  • Queja

    I've been with Verizonwireless for many many years. I stayed because in the beginning the service was without. I know it is the times but I never saw it getting this bad. First a couple of years ago I went on line and...
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