Una imagen vale más que mil palabras.



upload.jpgThe world without pictures would be too hard to image. Everything would be more black and white and we would have no tangible memories for us to share and reflect back on. Not to mention, without pictures, we would probably not have half of the inventions that we have today. Worst of all, for those who are visual learners, they would be stumped most of the time. 


For most us of, we have come across a lot of situations in which taking a picture a problem is much more helpful then attempting to clearly communicate of the problem that you may be experiencing. Therefore, we want to make sure that uploading an image onto the Community is an easy experience. 


First things first. All images must be uploaded via a computer. However, once you are logged into the Community, you can then easily access images from your computer or simply copy and paste the image into your post. Keep in mind that when uploading images from your computer all uploaded images must meet the requirements with a maximum file size of 10. MB. Also no images should be larger than 1600px or 900px tall because they will be scaled to fit those limits in your content.


How to insert image:

  1. Select image icon.
  2. Choose "File from your Computer".
  3. Then insert image.




Once the image has been upload onto your discussion, you can align it with your text for a better display. All you have to do is click on the image and then right click.








In order to protect your privacy, please note that all personal information (i.e. full names, email addressed, phone numbers, etc.) should be removed from any photo that you upload!