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  1. Hace 1 mes
    my son loves the phone!
    My 16 year old is enjoying the phone and features. He’s excited to be able to play his games, The video and camera images are much clearer. He was glad to get the upgrade from the iPhone 5!
  2. Hace 8 meses
    Love My Pink Phone!
    I had a Samsung s4 for years before I got the iPhone 7. I had other Android phones for years before this. When there was too little memory left on my s4 I started looking at the iPhone options. I finally bought the iPhone 7 last October. It's different from my s4 that was more user friendly to me. I am now more comfortable with the phone. I like most of the features but I do miss some of the Android features. The Apple Store in Greenville has great free classes to help you learn how to use Apple ... leer más devices. I have taken some of them and learned quite a bit. I will not be going back to an Android phone because their memory problems are not all covered by a memory card being added. That is there loss and Apple's gain. I also want to thank Stephanie and Albert in the Verizon Store in Spartanburg because they are awesome people to work with!!!
  1. Hace 8 meses
    Awesome phone..even better than iPhone 5s
    I had my iPhone 5s for three years,and it died which was expected. Loved that phone and never had any issues. I upgraded to the iPhone 7..was a nightmare since day 1. After 2 replacements in 2 weeks I was able to settle for the iPhone 6s.Love it! not one issue with this phone and is truly the best iPhone by far! It's larger than the 5s but you get used to it. no complaints. Initially I thought Verizon was the issue with the iPhone 7..but trust me it's Apple's issue with their overrated iPhone ... leer más 7..and no headphone jack on top the call quality issues. Hope Apple get's their issues resolved buy the time the iPhone 8 comes out..because this may be the last iPhone I own.
  2. Hace 11 meses
    Great new phone
    I traded in my android for my iPhone s6. I was so pleased the first day. It's features are so much easier. Quicker and battery life is amazingly better. Mostly the ease of using it was well worth the trade. Will never go back to androids. Great product Apple!
  1. Hace 1 año
    Rose phone SE
    Very surprised by my new SE iphone! Small but so sleek and easy to handle, unlike the larger iphones. My adult children were impressed with the purchase and can't seem to get enough of this fun, new toy. They have the iphone 6/7 but are loving the look of this cool pink device. Husband just comment on how great my SE looks.....he was worried I broke the bank with this purchase but it's actually a more affordable option and has lowered the monthly bill by $11.00! Now, if I could just master all ... leer más the great features this iphone offers I be a pretty hip old bitty!
  2. Hace 12 meses
    It's a learning process for an "older" person such as myself, but I love this new phone.
    Transferring from my old IPhone was so easy. I absolutely love this new product, the Apple IPhone SE. It has so many more features than my old IPhone 4 had and I can download apps that were not available on my previous phone. Also I love the pictures the camera takes. Good quality.
  1. Hace 6 meses
    If you don't want to wait for the X, GET THIS!
    I upgraded from the 7 Plus and rest assured, it was worth it. Every feature shown in the keynote is true. The sound from the speakers is better, the camera is much improved, iOS 11 really shows its true capabilities. And the A11 Bionic CPU really gives this device supremacy. After using the 8 Plus for almost four days I have yet to find any fault with it. So if you don't want to wait for the iPhone X, the 8 Plus is a worthy candidate. For me, I'm not ready to say goodbye to the home button and ... leer más Face ID is not that much of an attractive alternative.
  2. Hace 2 meses
    Skip the X - get an 8 Plus instead
    Contrary to some articles, I don't agree with the assertion that the iPhone X screen is larger than the 8 Plus. When looking at a stock chart or email, particularly in landscape mode, the 8P screen effectively is larger because it is higher. Compare an X and 8P side-by-side at a VZ store and see what I mean. Now, the higher 458 dpi resolution of the X might be nice, but I could not see the difference in an un-zoomed picture when comparing it to the 8P's 401 dpi. I could, however, see the ... leer más difference between the 325 dpi resolution of a standard iPhone 8 (and to my old 6S). The 8 Plus is the sweet spot, particularly for the price. The Plus size is just that much easier on the eyes, and I was surprised how quickly I've adapted to it's size when holding it. In just 2 days, I went back and turned on my 6S, and I could feel the eye strain when looking at the screen. I'm not sure I'll ever go back to the old 4.5" screen size. That size does fit the pants pocket better, but when the time actually comes to use the phone, I think the bigger screen makes up for that, every minute you're reading or typing on it. The 8 also adds TrueTone. I've played with blue LEDs since the 1990s and have known for years it's a terrible color for your eyes to localize to. TrueTone works so well, I'm not sure I need a matte (glare) screen protector anymore. Also, I went with 64GB. I might have picked 128GB had Apple provided that option, but I've never gone over 64GB yet. (i.e. a 2 hour, 4K, 60fps video uses up about 50GB on the phone -- that's plenty for me.) In 2 years time, I may have wished for the 256GB, but...nah. The only con so far, is the phone is slippery (although strangely, the glass still gives a decent amount of friction when running your finger over it). I'll be looking at a case from Peel to maintain the slender design but get a good grip. The 8 Plus is certainly the finest phone I've owned. I wasn't sure about giving-up on the headphone jack of my 6S, but I forgot all about it within the first day.
  1. Hace 7 meses
    I love my new I Phone 7 Plus!
    This phone is awesome! I had the 7 previously, that was okay but the camera quality wasn't quite to my liking, and although the screen keyboard was big I had issues typing and having to re-type what I had been typing. I knew I wanted the 7 plus because it is much easier to type on it than the 7. I wanted the 7 plus in 128 GB just to make sure I had enough storage with taking a lot of pictures. The 7 plus met my needs and what I was hoping for. It is an amazing phone, highly recommend!
  2. Hace 8 meses
    Back from Samsung!!
    About two months ago I left my iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The phone is amazing and I loved it!! Unfortunately, the Apple ecosystem is home and my entire family have iPhones. The convenience of iMessage and FaceTime are irreplaceable to me. I love the iPhone 7 plus and happy to be back. The battery life on the Samsung was better! Nothing like Apple.
  1. Hace 1 mes
    Great phone
    Phone has great clarity with the glass. Easy transition from the iPhone 5. I like this size. The extra storage is a plus along with the additional internal power
  2. Hace 4 meses
    Great upgrade from 6S
    Upgraded from the 6S to the 8 last week. Absolutely love it!!! So much faster than my 6S and takes amazing low light photos. This is not a huge upgrade, but is perfect for my needs. Not a huge fan of the Gold color of the 8, it looks more like copper, so I got the silver........gorgeous!!! My husband ended up with my 6S (which is in great working condition) so it was a win win!! I really love my new iPhone 8.
  1. Hace 1 año
    I adore my new phone!
    I was going back and forth between purchasing the 7 plus and the 6s plus, the 7 was obv more expensive with a few updated features but considering what I'd be using it for I opted for the 6s plus. This is a HUGE upgrade from my previous phone (iphone 5c, 8g). Right out of the gate the sound quality and picture quality are amazing, the bigger screen is a perfect fit for me, I can't say enough about it, love my new phone! the only downside were the choice of memory options, it was either 34g ... leer más or 128g, I had hoped for the 64g but wasn't available at this time unfortunately.
  2. Hace 1 año
    Apple 6 plus
    It's just like the apple 6 I had, they have the same features. I do wish they would add different features I would've liked to download free zedge ringtones which I can not download on this iPhone either. I can get the free wallpaper but not ringtones it's really know different than the iPhone 6 just a little bigger. I wish I would've looked into a different brand phone even though I like the apple iPhone I never had a problem with my first one or the one I have now. Feliz
  • 2018-03-24
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