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  1. Hace 4 meses
    Great overall speaker
    JBL Charge 3 Review There is an overwhelming amount of Bluetooth speakers on the market and many have similar features as the JBL Charge 3. In this review I will be covering what I believe are the most important features of this speaker that will best help you make the decision whether the JBL Charge 3 is for you. Bluetooth & Waterproof Features: As you can see in the description of this device there are few neat features of the JBL Charge 3 I would like to touch base on. First off, the ... leer más waterproof feature. I have personally tested whether this speaker is waterproof both accidently and purposefully and have luckily found that it is! On top of being waterproof the speaker seems to resist mud and dirt very well. This makes this speaker a strong candidate for your outdoorsman that likes to listen to music on the go! Next, the Bluetooth features. The JBL Charge 3 is not one of those Bluetooth speakers that you spend more time trying to connect to than you do listening to music. This speaker can have up to three devices connected to it at once, this means turn on the speaker and turn on your connecting device’s Bluetooth and they should link up automatically (depending on your devices Bluetooth settings). Now, the rest of this speakers Bluetooth features are not quite as impressive. The pairing feature of two or more JBL Charge 3’s is a cool idea that can work but not the way you think it would. From personal experience the two speakers must be quite close to each other to connect or the sound will cut in and out. This kind of defeats the purpose of connecting the two speakers to create some sort of a “surround sound” with the speakers. Battery Life & Sound: The description says that you’ll get a twenty-hour battery life out of the speaker and that seems to be true. I have owned my JBL speaker for almost a year now and it hasn’t shown any noticeable decrease in the life of the battery. This can also come in handy to charge a device such as a phone on the go. The final and most important thing I will touch on is the sound. This speaker has a strong base and great volume for it’s size. The quality of high frequencies is slightly muffled but is made up for in overall volume. Conclusion: The JBL Charge 3 is definitely a great option when considering buying a Bluetooth speaker. The extra features make it great for anyone looking to listen to music on the go, and the sound competes with any other portable Bluetooth speaker out there.
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  1. Hace 9 meses
    Flip 4 is not compatible to pair with JBL Extreme
    The connect plus feature on JBL Flip 4 is unable to pair with JBL Extreme. I have both the speakers was very excited to use the ultimate connect feature but it was a big flop. I hope JBL releases a fix for this problem soon. Performance wise both the speakers have excellent audio quality.
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  1. Hace 8 meses
    This is awesome - No idea why it is so cheap.
    First - Verizon ships this device faster than others. Second - I have two echo dots - they're not even close in quality or intellect. I'll be selling them on Facebook tomorrow. When it comes to a smart speaker, it is impossible to beat the smartest search engine - google. The volume and sound quality on this small device is impressive and it looks great. For the price, these will be an awesome gift for family members. P.S. If you have a 5 year old, you'll thank me later. The Google ... leer más Home mini never gets tired of answering impossible questions.
  1. Hace 4 años
    it's range when fully charged is wonderful....sound is very good as well
    I absolutely love my new speaker......for the size it has excellent sound.....the range is decent....thinking of ordering another one
  1. Hace 1 año
    I've had the Google Home for a week now and love it! I use the timer, clock, and music functions the most. Music quality is pretty dang good for such a little device! One thing that is odd is that it can't take reminders...yet. You also get six months of free Google Music and YouTube Red with your purchase.
  1. Hace 8 meses
    Little Speaker with Big Things
    Bought this in July for a trip to Mexico. The size was perfect and we were Beach/poolside a lot. I wasn't worried having this by the water at all. The sound is amazing and pretty loud for a small speaker. The battery life is impressive as well. This little speaker has become my "goto" Bluetooth speaker. I use it more than my BOSE mini soundlink.
  1. Hace 11 meses
    Attention Soundlink III owners
    I love music period! My music library is extensive, with over 3k songs across pretty much all genres. Some times its smooth jazz, reggae, classical, easy listening, hiphop, rock and roll, R&B, and so on. Now I’ve had every Soundlink BOSE has offered, beginning with the Soundlink I; so this review is going to be straight forward. Again I LOVE MUSIC, so I want a speaker that produces crystal clear notes across the highs, mids, and lows, and fills whatever area (room/outdoors) I’m currently ... leer más occupying. So I’m more interested in a speaker that delivers “complete balance” and not necessarily projects more bass, or mids., I like clear, natural, and loud notes that give you a great experience. I also use it when watching movies, cutting the grass, and taking a shower. In other words, I never leave home without it! Now for the review…the Revolve Plus is BEAUTIFUL, in fact, the website pictures don’t do it justice. Its light weight (lighter and louder than my Soundlink III), impressive volume, and crystal clear! It has other whistle and bells I won’t mention in this review however, they’re more “added value” as opposed to sound quality. As well, I won’t be able to provide any objective feedback on battery life, although I did do a complete charge, and 8 hours later, its still going strong. So here’s where the review gets disappointing. I did a “side by side” sound quality comparison between my Soundlink III, and the BOSE Revolve Plus, and the results where surprising. While the Revolve Plus is noticeably louder than the Soundlink III, BOSE comprised on “complete balance” to increase the volume. In all fairness, both speakers were placed against the same wall, set to the highest volumes (minus 1 notch), using the same computer, same songs, and in my humble opinion, the Soundlink III wins. Yes that’s correct. The Soundlink III delivers a more complete sound quality across the music notes, all crystal clear, with a touch of deep bass. Just enough to be distinctive without drowning out the rest of the range. On the other hand, the Revolve delivers the same crystal clear sound quality, at a much higher volume however, the touch of bass is more appealing on the Soundlink III. Yes its there on the Revolve, Just not as good as the Soundlink III. So all you Soundlink III owners, DO NOT rush out to upgrade to the Revolve Plus unless you’re like me, and just want a 2nd speaker that’s more portable than the Soundlink III. Which by the way, now belongs to my wife (she’s very happy!) Overall, I’m happy with the Revolve Plus and plan to continue enjoying my music library!
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  • 2018-06-19
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