El estuche OtterBox Defender con protector de pantalla incorporado para el iPhone 6 protegerá tu aparato de las caídas, los golpes y los rayones. Envío gratis disponible. Obtenlo en Verizon.
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Defender Series para iPhone 6 - Realtree Max

SKU #77-50396
  • Obtén protección resistente para tu iPhone® 6
  • El estuche de múltiples capas soporta caídas y condiciones adversas
  • Incluye garantía limitada del fabricante por 1 año

  • Envío gratis disponible en todos los pedidos.
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Envío gratis disponible en todos los pedidos
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  • Descripción+-

    Ten en cuenta: este producto funciona con el iPhone 6 únicamente y no es compatible con ningún otro modelo.

    Protección total
    Este es el estuche que necesitas si deseas despreocuparte, trabajas en condiciones adversas, eres brusco con la tecnología, quieres estar preparado para un uso extremo o simplemente eres torpe. Disfruta de tus aventuras, cualesquiera que sean sin preocuparte por los daños a tu smartphone sobre la marcha. Este estuche es prácticamente indestructible.


    • El ESTUCHE DE MÚLTIPLES CAPAS protege al iPhone 6 de daños potenciales y el desgaste diario
    • El PROTECTOR DE PANTALLA está integrado en el estuche para evitar rayones y marcas en la pantalla táctil
    • Las CUBIERTAS DE PUERTOS impiden la acumulación de polvo, pelusas y suciedad en los puertos y enchufes
    • Los ganchos de la FUNDA se sujetan a cinturones y correas, y se bloquean para proporcionar una base de apoyo

    ADVERTENCIA: este producto contiene un químico que según el estado de California genera malformaciones congénitas u otros daños a nivel reproductivo.

  • Funciones+-
    • El ESTUCHE DE MÚLTIPLES CAPAS protege al iPhone 6 de daños potenciales y el desgaste diario
    • El PROTECTOR DE PANTALLA está integrado en el estuche para evitar rayones y marcas en la pantalla táctil
    • Las CUBIERTAS DE PUERTOS impiden la acumulación de polvo, pelusas y suciedad en los puertos y enchufes
    • Los ganchos de la FUNDA se sujetan a cinturones y correas, y se bloquean para proporcionar una base de apoyo
    • Incluye garantía limitada del fabricante por 1 año
  • Compatibilidad+-
  • Qué opinan las personas+-

    Calificado 3.5 de 5por 102 críticos.
    Calificado 5 de 5por great case I was looking for a case for my iPhone 6-it is just too thin and slippery for me to be comfortable using without a case to protect it. I read the first review of this Defender, and I thought I had better wait until something else came out-but then I came back a few days later, and read all the good reviews. I'm quite pleased with this case-it makes the iPhone 6 just the right size and thickness, and it's easy to handle. Everything works as it should, all the buttons work easily, as does the fingerprint ID. An added bonus is the access door on this case covering the ringer button-without a case, I was always inadvertently turning off the ringer as I handled the phone. Now that is no longer a problem. 7 de octubre de 2014
    Calificado 2 de 5por Hard to use. I've had always used otterbox for my iphone 4,4s, 5 and now 6. I've never had an issue with any otterbox product until I bought one with for my 6. It's Hard to use. I don't think the screen protector sits flush against the screen of my phone (almost like it has a pocket of air trapped between phone and case) because its very hard to use the touch screen. I've had to remove it several of times to send a text or surf the web. Great products but I will not spend money for another iphone 6 otterbox unless this issue is resolved. 1 de mayo de 2015
    Calificado 2 de 5por Iphone 6 Defender Case, Rubber Shell I was disappointed with the defender case made for iPhone 6 as the rubber buttons are hard to squeeze when pulling up the volume, turning off and hard for me to turn it into vibrate, i don't have long nails or small finger so is harder for me to turn it into vibrate. I hope Otterbox will make another one to replace this one, over all the case is made pretty tough to protect your phone. Thanks for reading. 22 de febrero de 2015
    Calificado 2 de 5por Holster Broke Very expensive piece of equipment with a cheap weak link --- the holster "latch" did not last very long before it broke. For this reason I can not recommend this product. 27 de junio de 2015
    Calificado 1 de 5por Great except the phone screen doesn't function! This case is so well made, robust looking and fits the phone however the in built screen protection seems to lie over the screen with a gap between meaning that you have to press quite hard to activate touch screen buttons - this makes typing a nightmare as it fails to register light touch on the screen and misses keystrokes. This basically makes the case useless and the screen can't be easily used while the phone is inside, I guess that's what happens when the development of the case is done early prior to the phone being released - they can't test. I have emailed Otterbox and am awaiting a solution to this. 23 de septiembre de 2014
    Calificado 4 de 5por Nice Case The first case I received was problematic. I had a very hard time pressing the buttons and the screen protector did not work as well as any of the previous cases I've used from Otterbox. I called them and they replaced the case. Very good customer service! They even let me change the color due to the fact it looked horrible after only two days use. The replacement case seems to be a little better. The buttons are much easier to use. The screen protector... Still needs work. But it's better. I love the new design though! It's not as blocky as the previous defenders due to the new design of the phone. I am pleased with the replacement for now. 7 de octubre de 2014
    Calificado 3 de 5por Major flaw I've been an OtterBox user since iPhone 4 (that equals six cases: 3 for my wife and three for me, for the 4, 4S, and 5) so my logical choice was another OtterBox when we upgraded to iPhone 6. I was extremely disappointed when I installed the cases just to find out there is a huge layer of air between the screen protector and the screen, which makes the phone's responsiveness pretty poor. You actually have to press hard for the phone to respond in all the applications; sending a text is frustrating. In addition the lock screen bottom is extremely hard to press. Too bad for a previously great product! 26 de abril de 2015
    Calificado 2 de 5por Worst Purchase of My Life I got this product about a week ago. And I hate it. It protects my phone amazingly, but the fingerprint ID doesn't work with this case. The whole point of me buying the iphone 6 was so that I could easily access my device. 25 de diciembre de 2014
    Calificado 5 de 5por Just got my iPhone 6 Case No problem, everything fits, Great case, just like the Otterboxes Ive had before. Phew my iPhone 6 (which is rather slippery) is protected! 26 de septiembre de 2014
    Calificado 4 de 5por Nice Product with a few rough edges I have read a bunch of the other reviews. Many negative comments previously, but here is my take. obesrvations: Phone is snug, but moves ever so slightly when shook around. What it takes to move it when shaking my phone doesn't bother me because in normal use it doesn't happen. Buttons are hard to press. complaints (if you can call them that). 1) For some reason my control center will only come up with 5 out of 10 swipes. 2) The pressure from the port enclosures put a lot of pressure on the headphone plug, and lightning cable connections. This may eventually lead to issues. Then again, over time the port flaps may loose tension. Other than that, the case is REALLY protective. Plus, it looks better than the old square chunky otterboxes. I have actually had many people compliment me on the case. I have seen others talk about the touchID. One thing I have noticed is that you need to use the touchID at the same angle you set it up at. So, if you're holding it at a 45degree angle when you set it up, then hold the phone at a 45 degree angle when entering the ID. That is probably more of the touch sensor than the case itself. My suggestion to other users is to setup the finger again, and try the phone laying flat, on an angle, etc. I liked the case enough to also get my wife one. 3 de octubre de 2014
    Calificado 5 de 5por Otterbox Has Outdone Themselves! I am so pleased with my case! Otterbox keeps tweaking their designs with each new release of an iPhone and they keep getting better and better! The design is the slimmest (yet still provides protection and durability) I have seen for an iPhone, the coverage is impeccable, and the change in the cover for the headphone jack and lightning cable is a nice improvement that will protect my phone better than previous versions. The new protector for the Touch ID is also a nice feature but doesn't cause any problems using the ID either. I have been a proud Otterbox user since my first iPhone purchase with the 4, but I am so happy with the upgrades they have implemented with the 6! Thanks! 15 de enero de 2015
    Calificado 4 de 5por No Real Issues I'm not really having any of the issues that previous reviewers have had. The buttons are a tad bit firmer than I would prefer but I imagine that they should relax a bit with use. The fit seems fine to me. and the material is very high quality in my opinion. I haven't experienced any issues using the screenprotector or it not registering swipes and/or with the thumbprint scanner. The only thing I though slightly odd was that the case seems a little bigger than the phone so that before you close it up completely it has the potential to slide around a bit, that may contribute to some of the alignment issues that other people have had. I've taken it off a few times already and never taken any great care to align it and it's always seemed to be fine. Overall I think it's a fine case. 26 de septiembre de 2014
    Calificado 2 de 5por Not happy with purchase The Iphone six Defender case is very protective but the screen does not lie flat against the phone making it very difficult to swipe the screen and open apps. The buttons are difficult to push because of the thickness of the covering. The opening for the lightning charging cord is very tight and it is difficult to fit into the charging port on the phone. Very poor design and I would expect better of Otterbox. 17 de marzo de 2015
    Calificado 4 de 5por Perfect after some modifications. I don't know what everyone else is complaining about. The buttons aren't that hard to press, plus everything is more protected. I previously bought the Commuter case and returned it because it did not fit at all. The Defender fits like a glove, but I had to make a couple fixes to it. I wasn't happy with the built-in screen protector as it is just a junk piece of plastic, and wish they didn't adhere it in so tightly. It was also making it so I had to tap the screen harder because of the space it created between itself and the screen. I pulled the screen protector off and removed all the excess adhesive. I am using the ZAGG InvisibleShield on my phone which I have used for years on all my devices. I think it's the best on the market for screen protectors. I put tiny squares of duct tape in the corners of the upper half of the inner case to fill the void where the old screen protector was. Now it fits snuggly around the phone with the InvisibleShield on it. With these easy DIY fixes, it's the perfect case and I'm very happy. 3 de noviembre de 2014
    Calificado 4 de 5por Love Otterbox Defenders I have had otterbox defenders since the iphone 3gs. The current one for the iphone 6 is a typical otter box but there seems to be a small design flaw. When you try to swipe up to pull the control center up it does not always work. I believe it is due to the plastic on the bottom portion of the case being a little large. If you had an iphone 5s case it did not have the plastic on the bottom portion which worked better. Overall very good case. If the control center worked properly I would give this a 5 star review. 25 de septiembre de 2014
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