Protege tu dispositivo con uno de los estuches y accesorios de protección de Verizon para tu smartphone o tablet. Cualquiera se tu estilo, Verizon tiene lo que necesitas.

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  1. Hace 4 años
    Great light case
    I got the black version of this case and because it's so glossy it does get smudgy pretty easily. This was one of the only cases that I could find for the Verizon version of the Z3. It's not super heavy duty, but it fits my needs. If you plan on using this phone with your PS4 then you will be happy to know that the suction cup on the controller clip does stick to the back of the case, so that's a plus.
  1. Hace 4 años
    Exactly what i needed
    This was exactly what i needed for my Note4. I did not want an Otterbox due to size limits. This has a good feel and allows me to access the features of my phone without being awkward. The only down side to this product is, if it can be called one, that using the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone can be clumsy due to the edge getting in the way as you swipe. I learned a new pattern to over come that pretty quickly.
  1. Hace 5 años
    Case enhances phone experience
    Case: Otter Box Real Tree Defender Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 Use: often, as phone, test internal websites Good Enterprise for connecting emails and contacts to outlook at work. ¡Este teléfono es fantástico! Select your contact bring the phone near your ear and it starts dialing. Speaker phone sounds good and so do the head phones. The touch screen is fantastic and responsive. Also the motion detection for hand wave scrolling. This is incredible, and so fast. I only notice the otter box case when I clip ... leer más it to my belt and the snapping sound lets me know that it is secure. Then I remember why I got the case in the first place… The idea of having the phone fall out of my pocket…. Too much of a risk. Also my belly has a tendency to knock phones off belt clips. This one snaps in place and does not come out of the holder. I went with the bright orange camo Real Tree Defender case, So if I dropped it in a parking lot at night, the phone would be safe the orange would help make it visible. The screen cover does not affect the touch screen.
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  1. Hace 4 años
    Buyer take notice: Color change
    I had a Galaxy S3 and loved the special defender case and slip cover I chose in orange and purple. It made it very easy to locate my phone in my purse, bag or even from others black cased phones on a counter. When I upgraded last week to the S5 I couldn't wait to order the exact same case and slip cover for my new phone. Not realizing the color of the slip cover cases might have changed I choose purple and anxiously awaited my new case. Sadly the slip cover purple has changed. It is no longer ... leer más the deep rich "Violet Purple" for the S3 it's a new "Opal Purple" which is a terrible, washed out purple. It should be better described as lavender. Buyer pay attention. Disappointed Otterbox lover :(
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  1. Hace 4 años
    Sharp looking, sleek and functional
    The elegant sleek black case is very nicely streamlined. Fits together well in covering my iPad. Nearly seamless. It's a delight to carry. The folding support feature is slightly loose in stability . It holds my iPad up as it was designed to, but takes little motion to collapse, and while using it gives a bit of inconvience having to reset it too many times.
  1. Hace 4 años
    It's a great little case...
    It feels wonderful to the touch, just like leather. The case fits perfectly (of course) and the standing function is as good as any others that are designed like this. My only issue with the case is the clasp. I have dexterity and strength issues in my fingers due to health issues and it's difficult to open. Anyone with arthritis or neuropathy might have trouble opening the clasp. Perhaps an elastic band that wraps around the cover would be better in that case. I also wish it came in more than two colors.
  1. Hace 3 años
    Yes, please!
    I have had this case for my 6 since October. Great case, very durable, and looks great! It has 2 pieces - the first is the rubber underlay, the second is the harder top piece. It provides great protection - when I take it off my phone looks brand new like the day I got it. Highly recommend!!
  1. Hace 4 años
    WOW...Whata a case
    Its hard to believe anyone would be excited about a cell phone case...But this one does. It fits perfectly, it makes the phone easier to hold, to text, gives modest protection and still doesn't make the phone bulky. Afterall, the reason most of us bought the Remix was/is we wanted a smaller design. This case gives you the best of all worlds, the phone is even easier to hold, the phone still slides easily in and out of pockets. In 1 word this is the 1 and only case you should get for any of the HTC one phones.
  1. Hace 4 años
    Ultra slim and awesome protection
    I was introduced to this case at a Verizon corporate store. I had never heard of Tech21 and I've been a lifetime (seemingly) user of Mophie and Speck cases. I find that this case give superb protection and is only slightly "grippy" on the back. This is key for when your phone is on an incline. It adds minimal bulk while offering good protection. I paired this case with a Verizon tempered glass screen protector and I feel confident that my phone is protected. I bought an Otterbox case for my ... leer más wife's iPhone 6 and found it to be EXTREMELY bulky and unnecessary. I took that back in favor of a pink Tech21 case for her.
  • 2018-10-21
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