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  1. Hace 3 años
    Love This Case !
    I have been using this series of cases to protect my iPhone 4, iPhone 5s, and now my first iPad ! Granted they are a bit on the bulky side. BUT THEY DO PROTECT YOUR EXPENSIVE TOYS ! I had my iPhone 4 for 3 days, I knocked it out of the holster and hit the floor. I was terrified after hearing about the front and back glass being shattered on iPhones. To my surprise there was no damage at all. When I upgraded to iPhone 5s I bought the same case. I got the teal hard case with the dark purple rubber ... leer más outer shell. My iPhone 5s has been dropped from a 24ft ladder on 3 separate occasions. The first time I was in a panic. I picked the iPhone up and not a single issue with the iPhone. Just a slight ding on the hard shell. The issues I had with the rubber outer shell stretching out of shape on my iPhone 4 case have been resolved. Have had the same case on my iPhone 5s for almost 2 years and no issues at all. I got the black iPad Air 2 case and very happy. It was difficult separating the hard shell to slip the iPad in. But once in place it provides a snug fit. The outer shell was hard to get on too, but once in place it provides a seamless unified feel. Haven't dropped my new iPad Air 2 yet, but I feel secure that it will be protected completely. Looking back I should have gotten the purple case, to match my iPhone 5s ! You can't go wrong with this case !
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  2. Hace 3 años
    Incredible,superb,endless LOVE
    I had iPad 3, iPad mini 2, iPad Air and now i have iPad Air 2. For all previous models i used all kinds cases,covers, screen protectors etc,etc,etc. I used as well original apple smart cases and smart cover. So i ended up on a 4 month trip with my iPad Air, the result iPad air was bent a bit somehow, the screen later got cracked, no isurance from apple so i lost my iPad Air. Than i decided i need take it seriously protection of my new iPad, i was looking for something durable, i needed very ... leer más reliable case. Browsed online, for refernce looked in internet for all kind of cases, reviews. When time has come make a choice i decided go for Otterbox Defender case for iPad Air 2. And i am in LOVE now, looks like I go with Otterbox for the rest of my life LOL. I always hold on to reliable things, i know that Otterbox is exactly what i need. The Defender case is very nicely made, iPad Air so thin and lightweight that after when you place it in the case it has exact weight that i need, it feels good in the hands and i dont have to worry about my IPad anymore at all. This case is a perfection, sweet combination with iPad's perfection makes me feel joy everytime i use my iPad. The guys who designed this case Thank you very much, i Love it. Everything about this case is perfect. Whatever devices i will have in the future i will use Otterbox only! ¡Gracias!
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  1. Hace 1 año
    protects well
    I got this the day I got my phone b/c i don't trust myself. I wound up tripping in a step and using the back of my phone as a landing for my hand, and the damage is there but nothing else has happened with my phone. I drop it at least once every few days and i see no problems.
  2. Hace 1 año
    Fits Snug / Great Protection
    Case fits the phone like a glove! Volume rocker and power buttons respond well and work great. Also with the clear design you still can still show off that very silver or cray blue while keeping your investment protected!!!
  1. Hace 2 años
    the clip that holds it on snapped too easily
    I got this case when I ordered my new phone a few months ago it is a great case but the piece that snaps the phone to my belt broke off too easily I think it should be made with metal or something stronger. but the lil piece that props the phone up is a nice feature.
  2. Hace 3 años
    Great grip on the phone, never is dislogded unintentionally.
    I am an EMT and get into tight quarters often and bump and bang the phone and holster. This unit grips tight and has the phone has never been dislogded. Easy to rotate and change position when needed. Good buy, get one now for your Brigadier!
  1. Hace 3 años
    My favorite case!
    I drop my phone daily and this case has yet to let me down after 7 months! Not only is it great protection but its super cute, I'm constantly getting compliments.
  2. Hace 3 años
    I finally found my case!
    I have only owned my I phone 6 for 2 weeks, I think, but the journey to find a case has been an adventure. For myself, I wanted a low profile case that would not detract from the overall design of the phone and not add bulk, but I also wanted a 2 layer case that would be protective in a variety of settings. After trying out about 5 other cases, I have found this Speck case that I am going to keep. It is low profile, relatively light, provides coverage where needed, but does not detract from the ... leer más design features of the I phone 6. The lip around the front edge is raised enough so that when the case is laid flat on it's front, the screen does not come in contact with anything. Overall a very attractive case for the price!
  1. Hace 4 años
    This Product May Have Saved My Life.
    I've had the Otterbox Commuter case for my iPhone 5 for almost two years and I just want to commend how well the case has held up. I recently got into a Motorcycle accident and ended up skidding across the pavement for about 20 feet on my stomach. My legs took the brunt of the force, but thankfully I had the proper protection on. After I picked myself up off the ground, I went to survey the damage. At this point my bike was inoperable and I feared that I wouldn't be able to contact anybody. El ... leer más pocket where my phone sat was torn to bits and holed through like swiss cheese and all I could see were the black imprints of where my phone sat in my pocket and where it came in contact with the road. When I reached for my phone to call for help, I was amazed at how well the case protected my phone. The case was a little worn and I was worried that the phone would be broken; however, after powering the phone up, I saw no visible damage and even the screen was in pristine condition! Without a doubt, that phone would not be working right now after coming into contact with the ground had it not been for the case. The toughness and durability of this case protected my phone and may have saved me from a sticky situation.
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  2. Hace 4 años
    Slightly different than 4S case, but still great!
    I have this case for my work phone which is an iPhone 4S and love it, so when I was upgrading my personal phone to the 5S I knew what case I would be ordering. The case works great, fits well, protects everything needed. Comes with a screen protector which does not obstruct the view of the screen in any way. The only thing I notice on this case vs the 4S case is that the hold button is much harder to push with this one. It is a big annoying but not a big deal. Something I probably wouldn't ... leer más have thought anything of if I didn't already have the 4S. Also could be something that will get better with time, possibly the 4S case is just worn in properly and the new case will be there in a few months, I have had it for about 1 month now. Overall a great case, slim, protective, and doesn't make your phone like carrying a brick around in your pocket. Also want to note that I was ALWAYS against phone cases. Too bulky, and always used the thought that my phone was a phone, and I was going to use it as such. Had I not been forced to case my work phone, I'd still be under that thought. Realistically the case doesn't add much bulk and gives me the piece of mind that when I drop it, it will survive the fall.
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  1. Hace 4 años
    The product seems durable
    Since I just got the otterbox yesterday, I can't confirm how well it works yet. I'll know the first time I drop my phone! The instructions were not clear so I had to get someone else to take the otterbox apart to get my phone in. It's not a quick process. The screen cover is junk. The stickers would not come off cleanly so by the time I got them removed, the screen cover is scuffed up. The stickers did not aid in applying the cover so just leave them off!
  2. Hace 3 años
    I ran over my phone with a tractor the other day, luckily in the otter box. Picked it up and made a test perfect.
  1. Hace 2 años
    Defender case for an iPad mini2
    The tactile feel is as great if not better then the larger iPad Defender case. The problems with the home button in many other reviews is something I haven't experienced. The other buttons operate as advertised. I haven't had any issues other then wishing the case was water proof. The ruggedness of the case is great. I could only request that the case be more secure from the elements; dust, water spray, ect... As an improvement. Great product for protecting your everyday iPad mini.
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  2. Hace 2 años
    Awesome is defined as being left in awe and wonder. This is OtterBox! This case is recent in a long line of purchases dating back 10 plus years. I first bought a case for my Gen 1 IPOD to protect my device during deployment to a sandy region of the world. It survived....that Otterbox case in great shape - The Ipod, well, not so much. If you have a device you want to keep safe, buy an Otterbox. It is truly that simply! Buy, protect, live, breathe easy!
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  1. Hace 3 años
    exceeded my expectations
    The otterboxes are usually bulky but to my surprise this one wasnt and it gave me everything i wanted which was a protective case, a screen protector, and a stand. Good product.
  2. Hace 4 años
    best I ever had
    This is the best cover I have ever owned. There are no better covers made. My tablet is so safe and easy to use. The front cover made the key pad even better than it was. No interference with keys, and using the stand is so great. I would say the defender is AMAZING.
  1. Hace 3 años
    Great protection, hard to get out
    This product protects the best of any other design that I have tried. It is comfortable clipped to my belt and it stays put. Two minor flaws keep this from getting a top ratting. It hard to get out to quickly answer a call and I can not get the charger connector into its slot when fully in the case. A Dremmel tool will fix that but then the handsome case is slightly marred.
  2. Hace 3 años
    Great case, not perfect
    I bought this for my iPhone 6 plus as I had a similar case for my previous iPhone 4. The case fits the phone very snug and the dimensions are perfect. There are cut outs for all the buttons and the ports on the bottom. It appears to have ample room for a larger lightning connector which is often found if you get a non-Apple sync cable. The case fit into the belt clip holster is VERY snug. I found that my old case for the 4 loosened over time and I suspect this one will do the same. What I do ... leer más not like is that the "rubberized" coating is not too grippy which can be an issue when holding the 6+ in one hand. To accommodate I often hold my pinky at the bottom to prevent the phone from sliding out of my hand which unfortunately rests on the "sharp" (not razor sharp, but not comfortable) plastic edge at the bottom of the case. Another negative is the lightning connector does not fit well if the case is in the holster (when it is on my nightstand) but if you slide the phone out a little, plug it in, you can then slide it back and the holster will flex a bit to allow it to slide all the way in. Note that this case does not provide screen protection when out of the belt holster so get a screen film protector as well. It is protected nicely when in the holster.
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