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Estuches y protección para  Galaxy Note® Edge

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  1. Hace 4 años
    Love the fit and the protection
    Best case I have purchased for my phone. It is protected all over and that is a feature I love.
  2. Hace 4 años
    Nice case
    Nothing fancy. My new phone is yellow so like that it is clear. Weight is not too heavy. Seems like will keep protected. Although it is kind of like a rubber texture it slides in/out of phone pocket of handbag smoothly unlike other protector cases I have had.
  1. Hace 2 años
    Perfect Fit!
    My wife and I just got new Droid Minis. (Yes, I know - old tech. We wanted smaller screens and iPhone is too expensive) I ordered 2 silicon cases at the same time. We are extremely happy with these cases! They fit perfect, provide a lot of protection, and don't make the phones feel bulky. With the addition of clear screen covers, we think our new phones are VERY SAFE! Highly recommended for all Mini owners!
  2. Hace 3 años
    Feels great
    I have only had for a day however, it fits very good,looks good, buttons are all very easy to push and slips inside and outside pockets pretty easy, the only concern is I believe this will scratch very easy causing the nice looking case to become very ugly, I say this because it arrived scratched and that was sealed and protected. Now that its on the phone I have a feeling it is going to become very scratched very soon, and I have OCD and am very careful with all my devices.
  1. Hace 3 años
    Long time Speck fan
    All of my devices are covered with Speck cases. I have this case in the pink/blue with the tempered glass screen protector which works great for me. The grip helps prevent drops but I've had more than a few butterfinger oopsies with past phones in this case (light to medium falls) without any damage. I love their cases because they are fashionable and most definitely durable without the bulk.
  2. Hace 3 años
    Just what I was looking for!
    I had another case that was working pretty well, but as soon as I saw a Speck for the 6 Plus, I immediately swapped! The other one worked, but the Speck is lighter and less bulky. I'm a Speck user FOR LIFE!!!
  1. Hace 2 años
    Great case, but one issue.
    As far as I can tell the Defender is a great case for my Samsung Galaxy S5. The fit is nearly perfect and has a good feel in the hand. However, I have one complaint: The volume control buttons practically cease to function once the case is put on. The rubber on the outer shell does not press on the buttons in a decisive way, you will find yourself struggling to change the volume. In fact I found it nearly impossible get the volume control to work. I fixed this by putting a small piece of ... leer más cardboard beneath the buttons of the case so that the gap between the case and the phone's volume buttons is smaller. This has completely fixed the issue and now the volume control works just fine. I would recommend that Otter Box's designers bulk up the section of rubber in the outer shell which engages the volume control buttons in any future iterations of their cases. But besides that one issue it's a very good case, I'm a fan.
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  2. Hace 4 años
    Otterbox is the best protection for your phone
    This is my second Otterbox product. My first was for my other phone of 2.5 years. That two was the Defender. The phone's condition is as pristine today as it was the first day I bought it. Now, on the other hand, the Otterbox has seen better days. It's been dropped on floors, concrete, and blacktop. It's skidded across parking lots and driveways. It's dented, worn, and chipped. To be honest, it's not really pretty. I really don't care about the looks though. It did its job! It protected my ... leer más phone. I laugh when I see people with cheap cases and cracked screens. I think, "What was the point?" So now for my new Galaxy s5, my first accessory was the Otterbox Defender. The phone went right in it out of the box. Based on previous experiences, I expect the case to look like Civil War horses used it as a kickball, but my phone will look as good as ever.
  1. Hace 1 año
    Fits Snug / Great Protection
    Case fits the phone like a glove! Volume rocker and power buttons respond well and work great. Also with the clear design you still can still show off that very silver or cray blue while keeping your investment protected!!!
  2. Hace 1 año
    protects well
    I got this the day I got my phone b/c i don't trust myself. I wound up tripping in a step and using the back of my phone as a landing for my hand, and the damage is there but nothing else has happened with my phone. I drop it at least once every few days and i see no problems.
  1. Hace 4 años
    Snug, Grippable Case
    I purchased the silicone cover to use mostly during the weekend. I keep my G3 in a leather case w/belt clip during the work week or away from home. I wanted something to put on the phone to protect it while it's out of the leather case. This cover is fairly easy to get on and off (a few I tried that were hard plastic were VERY hard to get back off). Without spending a lot of money, I got a cover that protects the phone while I am using it, adds extra grip while holding the phone and protects ... leer más while it's laying out but can be removed quickly to put back in the leather case. I have the black G3 so the black silicone goes well with the phone.
  2. Hace 3 años
    Simple and Perfect
    Great for simple needs. Easy to put on and take off. Covers the back and protects the screen from normal every day scratches and ware by raising it off any surface face down. Does not double the size of an already decent size phone like an Otter Box would. If you already try to take care of your stuff this cover will more then fit your needs. If not it will still get the job done
  1. Hace 3 años
    Covers most of the screen!
    It works well but hard to install without getting dirt under the plastic.
  2. Hace 4 años
    Great product
    The instructions were intuitive. The product was easy to apply.
  1. Hace 3 años
    Clearly the best
    I purchased the Clearly Protected screen protector for my new Galaxy S5 smartphone to go with the Symmetry cover. I am very pleased with the finished product. However, it was a little difficult to install. Tiny threads from the cleaning cloth caught under the plastic, and it was impossible to remove them, causing tiny bubbles in the surface that cannot be removed. That said, my husband ordered the same screen protector for his phone because the screen protector that came with his case was not as clear.
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  2. Hace 4 años
    Tech 21 Case for Samsung Galaxy S5
    This case is great. It doesn't add any thickness to the phone, rubberized buttons work perfectly. Recommend also purchasing the Tempered Glass Display Protector for the S5 and it also fits perfectly on the S5 and the Tech21 case works perfectly with the tempered glass. The tempered glass also works great with the S5, no problems with the touch screen, after applying the glass. The only con I would have for the Tech21 is it doesn't protect the rear camera if you carry your phone in your pocket ... leer más against key chains, etc. I ended up fitting a section of a thick rubber band between the rear camera and the inside of the Tech 21 case to protect the Camera lens when not in use.
  1. Hace 2 años
    Does it's job
    Have the tempered glass on my iPad, I was being dumb and dropped it on a bathroom countertop. The glass took the impact and shattered but kept my touch screen in perfect condition. Going to go get another one to replace the broken one.
  2. Hace 2 años
    Don't leave home without it!
    I have had one on my iPhone 6 from day one. It's almost 2 years old and still smooth and clear as the day I got it. I did have a mishap a month or so after I got it. It looked like the screen shattered because the protector integrates so perfectly with the phone. I brought it in, expecting to have to get a new phone...nope...they pulled off the old protector, I bought a new one and it was as good as new. When I got my iPad Pro 9.7 there wasn't a moment's hesitation to get the screen ... leer más protector. I would suggest that you let the Verizon techs install it. I know they say it's easy to install yourself, but these guys do it everyday and it's a snap for them.
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