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  1. Hace 3 años
    Has kept my phone safe - Minor problems
    I have had no problems with this case's actual functionality. I've had this case since the day I received my phone in the mail. I've dropped my phone from small distances now and again, nothing severe. The case has protected it every time. My only complaints have to do with the bottom of the case where the headphones and chargers plug in. Some headphones actually cannot plug into the bottom because it is so thick, so be careful of that. Also, the flap that opens for the charger never goes back ... leer más into place properly, which does annoy me a bit. These problems were, of course, there since day one. And lastly, although I have had this phone case for a long time, (so keep that in mind!) the bottom hard part of the case broke in half before falling off entirely from the left side. It's true that I have had this case for two years before this happened, so this is really not a big problem. Now that my case is nice and old, i might go ahead and buy a replacement, or I may try my luck elsewhere.
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  2. Hace 4 años
    Slightly different than 4S case, but still great!
    I have this case for my work phone which is an iPhone 4S and love it, so when I was upgrading my personal phone to the 5S I knew what case I would be ordering. The case works great, fits well, protects everything needed. Comes with a screen protector which does not obstruct the view of the screen in any way. The only thing I notice on this case vs the 4S case is that the hold button is much harder to push with this one. It is a big annoying but not a big deal. Something I probably wouldn't ... leer más have thought anything of if I didn't already have the 4S. Also could be something that will get better with time, possibly the 4S case is just worn in properly and the new case will be there in a few months, I have had it for about 1 month now. Overall a great case, slim, protective, and doesn't make your phone like carrying a brick around in your pocket. Also want to note that I was ALWAYS against phone cases. Too bulky, and always used the thought that my phone was a phone, and I was going to use it as such. Had I not been forced to case my work phone, I'd still be under that thought. Realistically the case doesn't add much bulk and gives me the piece of mind that when I drop it, it will survive the fall.
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  1. Hace 3 años
    speck cases are awesome!
    switched from otter box to speck case because case was too slippery to hold. Speck case has good grip plus colors are great. Wish they carried this case in store and had more stock online! Overall best case I've ever had.
  2. Hace 3 años
    Nice-looking and sleek case
    This seems to be a great case. Smooth outside so it's easy to get in and out of my pocket and it looks great too. It is very hard to get off and on so make sure you don't want to take it off very often. I've always had a candyshell case and this one doesn't scratch like the old ones did!
  1. Hace 3 meses
    Snug as a bug in a rug
    I got this to use on my iPhone 8. It's fits well. Not too difficult to put the phone in or to remove it. It stays snug on the corners so it never wants to peel away from the phone. More importantly the sides remain rigid, so they don't bow out and catch on anything or let dust in. The buttons are firm and matched well. The case feels good in your hand or in your pocket. I've dropped a lot of phones in my day, and have never broke one that's been in an Otterbox case. Carpet floors, hard wood ... leer más floors. Brick sidewalks. Concrete parking lots. I've survived it all. The case takes some scruffs but never breaks or tears either. The ports are accessible and works with most docks I've used. The only dock I've had trouble with recently is the Elevation dock. It didn't have a long enough room to maintain a locked connection the case is on.
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  2. Hace 1 año
    The Best!
    I had a Symmetry for a iPhone 6 and I tried one or two other cases for it, but kept coming back to the Symmetry because it seemed the sturdiest. I just switched to an iPhone 7 and immediately shopped for an Otterbox Symmetry and to my surprise they had one in "red" (Rosso Corsa). I love the Otterbox Symmetry because it feels and looks like a quality product. The edges surrounding the screen provide grip and it easily slips in and out of my pocket or whatever I'm carrying it in. The best part ... leer más is that I had a spare unused tempered glass screen protector (edge to edge) from my iphone 6 which I was able to use on the iphone 7, and it fit exactly to the edges with no interference at all from the Otterbox Symmetry case. I would buy an Otterbox case again and again and would recommend it to family and friends and strangers!
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  1. Hace 6 años
    Sleek Yet Sturdy
    I love this cover in pink! Very sassy with a high gloss shine. Makes the RAZR MAXX feel smooth and solid in my hand. I am sure that the blue and black covers are just as awesome!
  2. Hace 6 años
    Very Attractive Case
    Purchased this for my wifes new Droid Razr Maxx in pink. More fuschia, a purple/pink combination. Provides reasonably good protection with minimal weight and bulk. Would probably protect the phone from usual drops onto a hard floor but the case, itself, might not survive. One subtle plus is that its relatively easy to remove, especially compared to my Otterbox Commuter case. This can be a benefit if youre trying to fit the phone into a charger that wont accept even a thin case. All in all, a ... leer más very nice case. I suspect that similar cases can be had for less but the advantage of seeing it in the Verizon store and convenience of purchasing a relatively inexpensive item won us over.
  1. Hace 2 años
    i love my phone
    it's easy to use wonderful phone lighting on it is good dailing out is easy finding everything you need easy texting is easy
  2. Hace 2 años
    This works great.
    Keeps my phone well protected. I have dropped it several times and my phone is still intact. Love that I can hide money in the case. Yes I would recommend.
  1. Hace 4 meses
    Less bulky than previous designs.
    I’m an avid Otterbox user and love the Defender Case, I also have a Commuter case both for iPhone X. I had to leave off a star however because the belt clip for the Defender seems to be lighter weight than previous designs. The clip on the Defender case I had for my iPhone 5 would lock into place, locking into my belt or pants pocket. The case for my iPhone X doesn’t feel nearly as secure and isn’t as sturdy, it feels like if I caught it on something it would snap off and my phone would be lost. ... leer más Other than the holster, I absolutely love the slimmer design of the Defender case itself, more rounded edges, thinner, and less “sticky” feeling. When I take my phone out of my pocket it doesn’t turn my pocket inside out.
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  2. Hace 4 meses
    As expected
    The Defender Case for the iPhone X is exactly what I expected. A sturdy, protective, and attractive case. I have had an Otter Box Defender case on every phone I’ve had for 10 years. They have never let me down. I work on an ambulance so my phones get dropped, dirty, stepped on, and still look brand new when the case comes off. Yes it’s bulky compared to the phone itself but I buy phones for the features, not the looks and size. Well done Otter Box. I did put a glass screen protector over the ... leer más phone screen for extra protection.
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  1. Hace 3 años
    Tough and User Friendly
    I am very pleased with the Otter Box protective cover for my iPhone 5c. It is unobtrusive and does not detract from seeing what I'm looking at on the screen. It's easy to hold. I have dropped my phone a few times, and it provides excellent protection. The only drawback is when I am texting, the "p" is covered just enough to warrant careful placement of my stylus.
  2. Hace 4 años
    Exact color of phone
    I love Otterbox. Have always had Otterboxes for my other phones. We bought our grandson the iPhone 5c in green and then bought the green case because the color looked so much like the phone and it's the exact color. He loves it. Good job as always Otterbox.
  1. Hace 2 años
  2. Hace 10 meses
    Very happy
    I've had this for 6-months now and I am very happy, the non-slip back works very well.
  1. Hace 1 año
    protects well
    I got this the day I got my phone b/c i don't trust myself. I wound up tripping in a step and using the back of my phone as a landing for my hand, and the damage is there but nothing else has happened with my phone. I drop it at least once every few days and i see no problems.
  2. Hace 1 año
    Fits Snug / Great Protection
    Case fits the phone like a glove! Volume rocker and power buttons respond well and work great. Also with the clear design you still can still show off that very silver or cray blue while keeping your investment protected!!!
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