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  1. Hace 4 años
    Tech21 Impact Mesh Case - Good basic soft plastic/rubber one piece case
    This is a good basic case, not much to say because I just started using it, but it's a thick rubbery one piece case that should last forever, not much too it, the brown accents on the sides give it a wood look along the edges
  1. Hace 3 años
    Exactly what i needed
    This was exactly what i needed for my Note4. I did not want an Otterbox due to size limits. This has a good feel and allows me to access the features of my phone without being awkward. The only down side to this product is, if it can be called one, that using the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone can be clumsy due to the edge getting in the way as you swipe. I learned a new pattern to over come that pretty quickly.
  1. Hace 1 año
    Very Good Case
    I got this case because I wanted something that I could easily use with or without a holster with my iPhone 7, and something that did not leave the top and bottom of the phone's screen unprotected and subject to damage. This case (without the holster) provides protection all around the phone, and is relatively lightweight and less bulky vs some competitors. It is a 2 piece design with an inner part that you put on first, and then the outer shell. You then slide that entire assembly into the ... leer más holster. All the buttons and ports on the phone are covered, although there are 2 grills in the case at the bottom. I have read where some people had difficulty with the mute button not working smoothly, but I have had no problem. To charge or use headphones with the lightning adapter, you need to open the port at the bottom. When I got this I was worried it might be too heavy for my car holder, but it is light enough that I can use my TechMatte car holder magnet to hold it; whether other brands of magnetic card holders would work, I don't know. It does not come with integrated screen protection, and I personally prefer not having that integrated. However, if you add a screen protector, it either needs to be perfectly centered (unlikely), or the side edges of the screen protector will be impacted by the edge of the case. I was using a Verizon Display Protector plastic screen protector, and it caused a bubble on the side where it was hitting that kept coming back because the case was just aligned so on that side it was slightly lifting the edge of the protector. I was able to cut off about 1 mm of the plastic screen protector on that side, and then the screen protector did not bubble up. On the top and bottom, the case overlaps the screen by 1-2 mm, so there is no issue there with the edge of the protector getting pushed up. I do not know if there would be an issue with the glass screen protectors, but if there was, you would not be able to cut them as needed. Another thing I like is that the case slides in and out of your pocket easily, but still has some tackiness so that it will not slide as easily of a computer or book if you are carrying your phone on top of them; many cases slide as if they were on ice. While many cases are very hard, this one has a bit of flexibility to it and I like the feel; that said, it is not soft. I have not dropped tested it (and hope I never do), but there are a number of videos that show the case protects the phone quite well. One downside on functionality - it seems that the speakerphone does not work as well in the case. Although there are grills on the bottom of the case, perhaps the microphone on the bottom is impacted. The other microphones at the top of the phone on the front and back are not blocked. One thing the case lacks is a kickstand for propping up the phone. The holster is made of very hard plastic. The clip rotates 360 degrees. My case fits a bit loosely into the holster and "rattles" just a bit, I would prefer a slightly more snug fit. Overall, this was the best holster case that I have found on the market at this time, although it is not perfect.
  1. Hace 4 años
    Great phone
    Very easy to use! Love the big screen and I'm able to change the font to an extra large print.the battery life is great
  1. Hace 3 años
    great case
    I have had this case about a week and it works well slim really good grip I had an otter box commuter case but it does not come close to this case this case is great I wish it had covers for the ear phone and charger ports when not in use and more colors but I am very happy anyway lay it on a table facing up or down and it will not slide, a big plus
  1. Hace 3 semanas
    The Best!
    Zagg screen protectors are my favorite! Been using them for awhile now! Super like the added border guide thing with help putting on the screen! Awesome products!
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  1. Hace 5 meses
    Less bulky than previous designs.
    I’m an avid Otterbox user and love the Defender Case, I also have a Commuter case both for iPhone X. I had to leave off a star however because the belt clip for the Defender seems to be lighter weight than previous designs. The clip on the Defender case I had for my iPhone 5 would lock into place, locking into my belt or pants pocket. The case for my iPhone X doesn’t feel nearly as secure and isn’t as sturdy, it feels like if I caught it on something it would snap off and my phone would be lost. ... leer más Other than the holster, I absolutely love the slimmer design of the Defender case itself, more rounded edges, thinner, and less “sticky” feeling. When I take my phone out of my pocket it doesn’t turn my pocket inside out.
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  1. Hace 3 años
    Good protective case, but
    I like the technology behind the Tech21 case and feel it offers good protection. It has good tactile feel to it that makes it grippy but not too sticky like silicone. The look is also unique among cases. One caveat is that when I compared this to Apple's Tech21 Evo Mesh case, the Apple version felt slightly thinner width wise which made it a little easier to hold. I did have this drop from my coat pocket onto the sidewalk and it landed on its side and there was not a scratch on the case.
  1. Hace 3 años
    Great case - functional and stylish too
    I tried three other cases before settling on this Speck case. The others were either too slippery or did not offer enough screen protection on the side. This case is excellent - sturdy and very comfortable to hold. I don't feel as if it will slip out of my hands or slide off the table. I have the silver iPhone with white border and bought the white Speck case with black grips. The black and white look is just great - clean lines and very classy.
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