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  1. Hace 8 meses
    Love this phone!
    I love my new iPhone 6s! I leaped from an iPhone 4 - upgrade was long overdue - so maybe my bar was set pretty low, but the 6s is amazing! So much faster than the 4! Enjoying the larger screen, too. Easy transition from the old phone, very short learning curve. Highly recommend this phone!
  2. Hace 2 meses
    so superior to my old Samsung
    I had an Android for about two years and it had almost cease to work. Very slow and it seemed to have a mind of its own. The 6s works so smoothly; anybody can use this thing! Spotify hooks up instantly to my car radio. The weather app is so easy to navigate. I was in Berlin using Google Maps to tell me how to get to a museum on foot and it worked every step of the way!
  1. Hace 4 semanas
    Love the SE!
    I'm one of those guys who likes having a smaller phone. I don't like the idea of having a brick in my pocket all hours of the day and the SE helped make that possible! I've recently been comparing and it still looks like it stands up against the 7, 8, 8 plus, and X. Highly recommend this phone!
  2. Hace 1 mes
    Great Phone & Size
    Had an iphone4 for 6 years and was having difficulty updating my apps or getting apps that I needed. Since I keep my phone in my pocket I didn't want a large larger phone. When I read an article that Apple was going to upgrade the features of the SE I waited for the price to be reasonable and I got it. Best decision I've made in a long time. The phone is great, it does everything that I wanted it to do. I would recommend this phone to anyone.
  1. Hace 1 mes
    Best iPhone I've owned
    The iPhone 7 plus is the best iPhone I've owned. I have seen the iPhone 8 and there isn't much reason to upgrade to it when the 7 plus is still available for less. The pictures are absolutely stunning and a far cry from my first 3G iPhone 10 years ago on a different, incompetent carrier.
  2. Hace 8 meses
    iPhone 7 Plus Is My First Smartphone!
    I selected the iPhone 7 Plus for several reasons. I wanted a smartphone with extra memory capacitry built in, and the iPhone 7 Plus offered a model with 128 GB of memory. This should give me plenty of integral storage capacity and speed. The larger screen size of the iPhone 7 Plus was very appealing to me, and I was attracted by the capabilities of the camera featured in the iPhone 7 Plus. Being a new user of smartphones, I was relieved to find how quickly I was able to get set up and ... leer más started with the iPhone 7 Plus. I believe this was a result of my previous use of Apple computers as well as Windows Outlook (especially the calendar and contacts parts) plus iCloud, which really showed its worth during the initial set up of my iPhone 7 Plus by the Verizon representative. I have noticed the iPhone 7 Plus requires more frequent recharging and more time to recharge than my previous flip phone did. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase of the iPhone 7 Plus.
  1. Hace 2 meses
    Great Phone!
    I recently upgraded from an iPhone 6s Plus because I wanted a smaller phone with a little more space. I’m not the biggest fan of phablet sized phones personally. Everything on the 8 is super quick as expected, simple, and am loving the new features and glass-design (doesn’t slip out of your hands as easily). Wireless charging is a huge perk for me as well. If you have a 5, 6 or 6s then the 8 is a great upgrade. If you have the 7, don’t waste your money. Overall, it’s an excellent phone.
  2. Hace 2 meses
    Upgraded from 5S - so the 8 is awesome to me.
    My 5S was swell and I didn't feel a necessity to change until my photo library began to push storage to the limit. Stepping up to an 8 has been an awesome experience. Maybe if you've had a 6 or 7, an 8 doesn't seem like all that big of a deal to you. I understand. But this is a big deal for me. The larger size is not as cumbersome as I feared it might be. I feel no necessity for something that feels like an iPad mini. This is a great phone and text messaging, web browsing, mobile banking, ... leer más boarding pass displaying pocket device. It's blazing fast and has awesome battery life.
  1. Hace 1 semana
    ¡Me encanta!
    I love my Iphone 8 plus! It's big but the camera is crystal clear, I love the love video features, the music is louder, and I'm just satisfied overall! I recommend this phone to anyone!
  2. Hace 3 meses
    If you don't want to wait for the X, GET THIS!
    I upgraded from the 7 Plus and rest assured, it was worth it. Every feature shown in the keynote is true. The sound from the speakers is better, the camera is much improved, iOS 11 really shows its true capabilities. And the A11 Bionic CPU really gives this device supremacy. After using the 8 Plus for almost four days I have yet to find any fault with it. So if you don't want to wait for the iPhone X, the 8 Plus is a worthy candidate. For me, I'm not ready to say goodbye to the home button and ... leer más Face ID is not that much of an attractive alternative.
  1. Hace 10 meses
    Great iPhone 6s Plus
    Great iPhone 6s Plugs every one.i knows new iPhone 7 just came out.but it iPhone 6s Plus still good and Great I like it iPhone 6s Plus thank to your all.i got good signal and internet connection thank verizon.your is number 1 network in the world
  2. Hace 8 meses
    It's a awesome device and it has many features I like, I would recommend this iPhone 6s Plus over the iPhone 7 plus
  • 2017-12-14
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