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Replace, support and secure your device with Total Mobile Protection (TMP) by Verizon Wireless.   TMP combines Total Equipment Coverage (TEC), Verizon Security and Protection (VSP) and Tech Coach.  Watch this video to understand the basics of Total Mobile Protection.

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When you buy a smartphone from Verizon Wireless, you’re getting a cutting edge piece of technology. But in today's world, you're getting so much more than just a phone.

Your smartphone is an investment in communication, an investment in productivity and an investment in technology.

Your life is on your device so protect it with Total Mobile Protection, which includes Total Equipment Coverage, Tech Coach, and the Verizon Support & Protection app. It'll help you replace, support, and secure your device.

Fact. Things happen and technical support questions come up quickly…usually when it's least convenient.

Having issues connecting your phone to your home printer? Maybe you need help finding new apps or synching your device to your computer, TV, or Bluetooth®?

Support it. The appʼs Click-to-Call feature allows you to speak with a live US based Tech Coach from anywhere, with just one click.

And, with the Device Tune-up feature, you can maximize battery life, improve device speed, increase available storage and easily address other performance concerns.

People who find a lost smartphone may try to access sensitive data or personal accounts on the phone.

Like what? Like your email, banking information and yes, even your Facebook account.

Secure it. Total Mobile Protection comes with an easy to use app so you can locate your missing phone and remotely lock it from the convenience of any computer or mobile device.

It also safeguards you from software threats, so viruses and malware are kept at bay.

Fact. Everyday, over 200,000 devices are lost, stolen, or damaged and replacing a device mid contract can be expensive.

Can you think of a better way to spend your money?

Replace it. With Total Mobile Protection, replace your phone the next day if itʼs lost, stolen, damaged or suffers a post warranty defect. If you lose your phone at 7pm; you can file a claim online by midnight and get a replacement as soon as the next day.

Support it. Secure it. Replace it.

Your life is on your device. Help protect it.

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