Install Blackberry® Handheld Software - Blackberry® Desktop Manager (Windows®)
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Install Blackberry® Handheld Software - Blackberry® Desktop Manager (Windows®)

Caution Before installing the handheld software the BlackBerry Desktop Manager must be installed. The BlackBerry cradle or USB cable must be connected directly to the desktop / laptop and not through a docking station / port replicator or USB hub.

Advertencia Warning: It is critical that the computer used during installation is not allowed to enter stand-by, hibernate, or suspend mode. Failure to prevent this will result in a failed install and possible permanent damage to the device.

  1. Cierra todas las aplicaciones que estén abiertas.
    Nota Verify the Blackberry Desktop Manager is not running in the Windows System Tray (located in the bottom right-hand corner).
    BlackBerry Desktop Manager Tray Icon
  2. Launch an Internet browser then navigate to the BlackBerry Software Updates website.
    Nota //
  3. Click the appropriate email option.
    • Email personal
    • Email corporativo
    Handheld Software Setup
  4. Select the appropriate Blackberry model (e.g. BlackBerry 9530).
    Select Blackberry Model
  5. Enter the 10-digit Verizon Wireless mobile number then click Download Now.
    Enter Mobile number and download
  6. Haz clic en Guardar.
    Save Update File
  7. Select the desired location then click Save.
    For the purposes of these directions, Desktop is the location selected.
    Save Location
  8. Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation.
    File Icon
  9. Select the desired language then click OK.
    Select Language
  10. Haz clic en Next.
    Begin Install
  11. Select the desired country or region then click Next.
    Seleccionar país
  12. To continue the installation, select I accept the terms in the license agreement then click Next.
    Accept terms and conditions
  13. Haz clic en Finish.
  14. Launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager then connect the device to the computer using the cable / cradle.
    Nota Navigate Start > Programs (All Programs) > Blackberry > Desktop Manager
    Launch Desktop Manager
  15. Click Update Now.
    Actualizar ahora

    Nota If the window does not appear, open the Application Loader.
    Programa para la ejecución de aplicaciones
  16. If prompted, verify the PIN number of the device and enter the device password (if applicable) then click OK.
    número de pin
  17. From Update Software, click Start.
  18. Click Options.
  19. Ensure desired applications are selected (checked) then click Settings (located in the lower-right corner).
  20. Ensure desired Backup Options are selected (checked) then click OK.
    Nota If experiencing a JVM error, do not back up device data.
    • Back up device data automatically during the installation process
    • Encrypt backup file
  21. Click Next (located in the lower-right corner).
  22. Click Finish (located in the lower-right corner).
    Nota Time of system upgrade may range from 20 minutes to a full hour. During this time, the Blackberry display screen may be blank. Do not unplug the device during the upgrade operation.
  23. Click Main Menu (located in the lower-right corner).
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